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Artist's Statement....

Translating the world into 2D visual art has always been my passion. I’m inspired by the challenge to find the right colours to define either features, surfaces or mood in both portraiture and landscape. Constantly investigating different techniques in whatever medium I choose. Catching something (especially portraits) in the 'right' light is of paramount importance......Podi Lawrence

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The Artist Magazine www.painters-online.co.uk/art-tutors/podi-lawrence-1
SAA.com(Saa:Professional Associate) Online suppliers (membership discounts) and information about art, artists and materials, competitions and promotion of classes/holidays & exhibitions.
Artwey cic. local prolific exhibiting group.  Weymouth, Portland & Dorchester based artists, exhibiting throughout the South West Dorset, UK. 
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The name "Podi" (which is of Greek origin) was given to her by fellow artists when at college and she adopted it as her signature in the late 70's.  Early in her career as a painter she was known as Pauline "Podi" Clack but later changed to Podi Lawrence. Her paintings and drawings are signed 'Podi'.

Education. Influences & Art Career

Harrow School of Art - Foundation to NDD.
Royal College of Art - Outreach course in Fashion/Silver/gold Design.
West End Drawing School - Marketing and commercial design.
Bucks County Council - Adult Education Teaching Certificate

After the interruption of marriage and children, Lawrence attended workshops by members of the Federation of British Artists at the Mall Galleries, particularly influenced by Ken Paine, Tom Coates and June Mendoza, Jason Bowyer & Michael Noakes & others..   

She  became sought after for her portraits, figurative scenes and landscape paintings and went on to exhibit in several other countries in Europe & the Americas winning many commissions, residencies and accolades some of which are listed here….
  • Wycombe Swan Theatre :  in house artist. Produced painting of the opening & was permitted to attend rehearsals.
  • English National Ballet (ENB) 1-year residency producing a series of studies, drawings & paintings 
  • Waterloo Jazz Festival (Canada) : Resident artist for 10 years from 2001- providing illustrations for the publicity
  • Southern Ontario Chamber Music : Resident Artist - summer camp.
  • Perimeter Institute for theoretical physics : commissioned artist
  • K-W Symphony Orchestra (Canada): Commissioned artist
  • Waterloo University. Commissioned artist
  • Paris Salon (Fed.des Artists Francaise) Bronze Medal in 1994, exhibited for 3 more years. 
  • Discerning Eye 1997- Mall Galleries, London. chosen by Prince Charles.
  • United Society of Arts, Mall Galleries
  • Society of Women Artists, Westminster Galleries  - 4 successive years
  • Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, The Not-the RA Summer Show London.  
  • Luxters Gallery, Henley solo show of Dance series from residency with the English National Ballet
  • Arts & Letters Club - Toronto. Solo & mixed shows, and  other venues in Canada,  
  • New York and  the Chelsea Arts Club, London.
  • Contemporary Portrait Society, London Open exhibition. Honourable Mention.
  • Artists and Illustrators Magazine. Lawrence has written & illustrated a number of articles and her work has been featured in several publications in Canada and appeared regularly on Rogers television.
  • 1st International Contemporary Art Exhibition, 2010  at the Museo des Arte Modern, Panama City, 
  • Artist of the Year 2013 Shadows, by the Artists and Illustrators Magazine.UK
  • Artist of the Year 2015 First in the Waterscene, Boats or Seascape, Artist and Illustrator Mag
  • Commissions include :-
    • Sir Ian Gainsford, Dean of Kings College London. Dancers.
    • Faith Brown, Comedienne &  entertainer
    • Many Singers and musicians as well as many private family portraits in the UK and Canada.  
    • Murals in Canada, Panama and the UK.  
  • Works in Public Collections....
  • Kings College Hospital, London
  • Wycombe SwanTheatre,
  • Wycombe Museum
  • English National Ballet
  • K-W Symphony, Canada
  • Perimeter Institute, Canada
  • Arts & Letters Club, Canada
  • Heights Hotel, Portland, UK
  • Dorset County Hospital, portraits of intensive carers during Covid (a very emotional contribution).

As a qualified Adult Education Teacher,  her skill of teaching others has been experienced by many at Adult Education centres in the UK,  at the Loyalist College, Ontario (Canada), Homer Watson Gallery, Kitchener, (Canada) and was a driving force of a cooperative gallery in Waterloo, Ontario now called the Uptown Gallery. Over the years she has led and run painting holidays & weekend workshops in France, Canada, Spain, Panama and Greece as well as at her own studio.

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PATRONS: Mrs. H.C. Schmidt (Can); Mr. G. Brown,UK ; Andy & Beryl,Uk
Contact:    +447557798558 :   podi.law@gmail.com              ©2017 copyright of all pictures on this website remain with the artist Podi Lawrence or her heirs. 
THE ART STUDIO, 3C Guernsey Street, Portland, Dorset  DT5 1JR
Drawings in conté, pencil, ink;  paintings in watercolour, oils, acrylics, inks, pastels;  figurative subjects, portraits, animals, landscapes, seascapes,skies, sunsets, sunrises, boats,trees, forests, hills, mountains, shadows.